<div id="bodytxt"><p class="text">Ashini J. Desai balances creative writing and art with family, community and a career in technology management. Her poems have been published in anthologies such as <em><span class="anthology">Word Masala</span>, <span class="anthology">Yellow as Turmeric</span>, <span class="anthology">Fragrant as Cloves</span></em>, and <em><span class="anthology">Sulekha Select</span></em> as well as in journals such as <em><span class="journal">Philadelphia Poets</span></em> and Thema’s<em> <span class="journal">A Perfect Cup of Coffee</span></em>. Her essay was included in the anthology <em><span class="anthology">Labor Pains & Birth Stories</span></em>. She has published poetry, book reviews, and articles on writing and parenting for a number of South Asian websites. Her poetry blog site is <a href="http://www.ashinipoetry.blogspot.com/">ashinipoetry.blogspot.com</a>.</p></div>