<div id="bodytxt"><p class="text">Christopher Janke’s first book, <em><span class="title">Structure of the Embryonic Rat Brain</span></em>, won the Fence Modern Poets Series prize. His poems have been published in <em><span class="journal">Harper’s</span>, <span class="journal">American Poetry Review</span>, <span class="journal">Ploughshares</span>, <span class="journal">A Public Space</span>, <span class="journal">Field</span>, <span class="journal">Forklift Ohio</span>, <span class="journal">Conduit</span></em> and dozens of other journals. He fixes laundry machines, tends bar, and hosts a yearly lost-and-found fashion show on 3rd Street in Turners Falls, Mass. Across the river in Greenfield, he stacks wood, cooks, writes poems and edits manuscripts for <em><span class="organization">Slope Editions</span></em>, where he is VP and Senior Editor. His recent series of hybrid poem/sculptures called “of the of of the of” involve lots of Plexiglas and vellum and explores the ways that words relate to non-words. <a href="http://www.christopherjanke.com/">www.christopherjanke.com</a></p></div>