<div id="bodytxt"><p class="text">David Sklar grew up in Michigan, where the Michipeshu nibbled his toes on the days when Lake Superior felt frisky. His publications include fiction in journals such as <em><span class="journal">Strange Horizons</span></em> and <em><span class="journal">Space and Time</span></em>, poetry in journals such as<em> <span class="journal">Paterson Literary Review</span></em>, and <em><span class="journal">Bull Spec</span></em>, and the novella <em><span class="title">Shadow of the Antlered Bird</span></em> from the wonderful but short-lived Drollerie Press. David lives in New Jersey with his wife, kids and cat, and he works as a freelance writer and editor. For more about David and his work, please visit <a href="http://www.davidwriting.com/">davidwriting.com</a>.</p></div>