<div id="bodytxt"><pclass="text">Abdur-Rehman Qadeer Chughtai lives in City of Iqbal “Sialkot, Pakistan.” He shares a name with one of great artists: Abdur Rehman Chughtai. He is a student of B.COM. A simple boy of 21 with eyes full of dreams. He is also a hiker and a photo-editor. He loves God, nature and beauty (vampires too) … and tries to find them everywhere. Sometimes, when he’s very close to them, he writes poetry, hoping that someday the world will be on a new path … of God, nature, love and beauty. His work has been published on/in <i>Quailbell Magazine</i>, Parhlo.com, <i>Reflection Wander Mag</i>, and <i>Hall Of Poets: Valentine's Anthology</i>. He can be found on Facebook as <a href="www.fb.com/TheAbdurRehmanQadeer">www.fb.com/TheAbdurRehmanQadeer</a> and on Instagram and Twitter as <b>@ARBINQADEER</b>.</p>