<div id="bodytxt"><p class="text">R. Bremner, of Glen Ridge via Lyndhurst, NJ, USA, is a former cab driver, truck unloader, security guard, computer programmer, and vice-president at Citibank. He writes of dead kings and many things he can’t define, the clutter in your mind, and the color of time. All things Beat, Dada, and surreal are his loves. He was in the very first issue of <i>Passaic Review</i>, along with Allen Ginsberg. He has appeared in <i>International Poetry Review</i>, <i>Oleander Review</i>, <i>Paterson Literary Review</i>, <i>Yellow Chair Review</i>, and <i>Poets Online</i> (20 times) and sundry elsewheres. Six of his verses were featured at the month long Montclair Library Ekphrasis exhibit. Ron is a member of the Montclair Write Group and reads with the Red Wheelbarrow Poets. You’re welcome to visit him at his page at Poets & Writers: <a href="http://www.pw.org/content/r_bremner">pw.org/content/r_bremner</a>, where milk and cookies await.</p></div>