Now that the submission period for the Masques and Twisted anthologies has ended, we are busily wading through the entries. We’ve received a number of phenomenal short stories, poetry, and fake documents that will earn a place in one of our three new anthologies.

The first anthology, Masques, is a collection of stories that disguise themselves as another type of document. Things like instructions, press releases, recipes, and ads are all able tell a story within the frame of their intended purpose. The stories in Masques put playful spins on everyday documents.

The Twisted anthology encompasses a wide genre of short stories and poetry that share a single trait: a shocking, tangled narrative. These stories are meant to excite, confuse, and surprise the reader throughout. Not for the feint of heart.

Although the submission period has ended for these two anthologies, we are still accepting work for MicroText 3. We welcome poems and short stories of up to 750 words. Ultimately, this hand-bound book will be small enough to fit in the palm of your hand.

Summer may have come to a close, but our anthologies are just getting started. Keep an eye out for more posts as we continue to update the progress of the books during the design and publishing phases.