We have recently begun constructing Microtext 3.

We start by printing double-sided, legal size sheets of paper that contain the book’s contents.

Once the printing is complete, the sheets are sliced into strips, and each one is folded in half, creating a folio.
For Microtext 3, one signature is comprised of four nested folios. Each folio contains 4 pages of the book, and a signature consists of 16 pages. The photos below shows one signature.
The signatures are later transferred into the sewing cradle, where we use an awl to punch holes into the folios’ folds. After they are punched, we can start sewing.
The signatures are sewn together, creating the book block. Purple endsheets are sewn to the first and last signature in order to attach the book block to its case.
Once the book block is complete, it is is ready to be hung. The fabric for the spine, pastedown, and cover are cut to size and attached to the case. The book block’s spine is then glued inside the case and left to dry. The following photo shows the materials used for the spine, pastedown, endsheets, and cover.
After an extensive amount of sewing and gluing, completed books start to pile up.