Sheryl J. Bize-Boutte is a homegrown Bay Area local who knows how to write as well as tell a story. Her works artfully succeed in getting across deeper meanings about life and love and the politics of race and economics without breaking out of the narrative. Not surprisingly, her first book, A Dollar Five-Stories From A Baby Boomer’s Ongoing Journey often has Oakland and San Francisco as backdrops for her touching and often hilarious true tales. This work has been described as “rich in vivid imagery”, and “incredible.” Published in 2016, her second book, All That and More’s Wedding, a collection of fictional mystery/crime short stories, is being praised as “imaginative with colorful and likable characters that leave you wanting more.” Her latest book, Running for the 2:10, delves deeper into her coming of age in the Bay Area and the embedded issues of race and color with one reviewer calling it “… a great contribution to literature. See her work at